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Manuals and more for Graflex Cameras & Accessories.

Just released: The Super Graphic Cam Designer program. See below for more information and to download.  New version 1.3 updated on 04/06/15. Now has a rudimentary install program.

Also the SBV Bellows Extension Calculator and Jiffy Calculator

Please note that not all these on-line manuals are of the best quality. Some fine details may not be legible. For quality original manuals or reprints, please visit Craig Camera and buy them. It does help to support those who support our hobbies!
Note: For Graflex camera serial number information, please see the Graflexchange.

NOTE: If you try to download/view one of these manuals and see this message on your computer:

"Tsk Tsk, don try and hijack other peoples Resources."

I can't help you! It is a message generated by your computer, triggered by our download counter, due to some stupid security setting for either the internet or windows Internet Explorer. I have yet to be able to duplicate this message on any of my computers and no one yet has told me how to fix it. If you do find out how, please let me know.

These original scans provided by Harry Martin

Pacemaker (1.1 meg) (older manual and may not be complete? see below).

Grafmatic (612K) instruction manual.

Graflite flash (4 meg)

Roll film back (486K)

Pacemaker service manual (6.5 meg), complete 40 pages for top mounted rangefinder cameras.

70mm roll film back (796K)

4266 handi case page in gif format (37K)

New Additions: If not stated otherwise, then by me.
Super Graphic Service Manual and Parts List (two separate PDF's).

A huge Thank You to Charles Monday again! And I have to say that I am extremely embarrassed from not having this manual up here a long time ago...

Graphic View II Instruction Manual scanned at 300dpi in B&W (380K), any better and it got huge...
Top Rangefinder Pacemaker manual in PDF format (1.1megs). This is the complete user manual from 1968 (I believe), all 30 pages. The above 'Pacemaker' manual is an older version and does not have much of the info contained in this manual.
Super Graphic Cams. A jpeg scan of my Super cams. Includes 90, 135, 250, 15", 210 and 150. The 210 and 150 may not be 100% to scale. The 150 was apparently home made (sent to me by someone else). If you'd like to add a scan of different cams, make a scan similar to mine (300dpi with ruler) and e-mail it to me. Better off with the Super Graphic Cam Designer Program!
Super Graphic Infinity Target This PDF file will print a page that can be used to set the infinity of the Super's rangefinder. Use at your own risk! And read the service manual! I suggest searching graflex.org for the excellent post by 45PSS about setting the Super infinity called "Super/ Super Speed Rangefinder Calibration" posted on 3-22-07.
Super Graphic wiring diagram. Useful for fixing and knowing how to connect to the side flash connector.

Connections 'A' and 'B' are for an external trigger switch to fire the shutter remotely. Good for tripod use instead of a cable release.

Connections 'B' and 'C' are for the flash. They are connected to the shutter synch contacts. The picture has my hand-drawn diagram of the side connector with the ABC marked.

Pacemaker Kalart Infinity Target This PDF file will print a page that can be used to set the infinity of the Pacemaker's Kalart rangefinder. Use at your own risk! And read the service manual! I suggest searching graflex.org for the excellent post by 45PSS about setting the Super infinity called "Super/ Super Speed Rangefinder Calibration" posted on 3-22-07.
4x5 Graflarger enlarger back. the only documentation I know for this. In gif format, 1 page (189K).
Graphic View I & II Service Manual complete in PDF format. (1.9megs) Some great info here on the cameras and Grafloc backs!
Graflex Top Rangefinder Service Manual for the Pacemaker Crown/Speeds in PDF format (522K).
Graphex Shutter Service Manual for type 1,2 and 3 shutters in PDF format (1.4megs)
Graflex Strob 500 and Globe Strob Electronic Flash service manual in PDF format (640K)
Anniversary Speed Instruction Manual complete in PDF format (4 megs). Not a great scan but readable. Best I can do until someone comes up with better scans or an original manual...
Anniversary Speed Service Manual complete in PDF format (1.5 megs).
Graflite Flash Service Manual complete in PDF format (1.5 megs).

Courtesy of Charles Monday!

Grafmatic 45 Service Manual (3.8 megs) Nice copy of the service manual complete with blow-ups of the parts. Courtesy of Charles Monday!
Grafmatic 23 Service Manual (3.1 megs) Nice copy of the service manual complete with blow-ups of the parts. Courtesy of Charles Monday!
3A Graflex shutter service documentation (1.3 megs) in PDF format . Courtesy of Charles Monday!
Pacemaker Top Rangefinder Cam Listing in GIF format. Thanks to Alec.
Pacemaker Focusing Scale Part Number Listing in GIF format. Thanks to Alec.
The original 1931 Century Universal Patent in PDF format (640K)
Some Graflex literature files. The first four are from the late Singer era and gratiously donated by Alec Jones.
Graflex Electronic Flash Lighting in PDF format (1.7megs)
Graflex Graphic Cameras in PDF format (588K)
Graflex Photo Lenses in PDF format (839K)
Graflex XL Cam, Lens, Acc in PDF format (1.2megs)
Graflex Enlarg-Or-Printer manual in PDF format (864K). What a treat. This enlarger/contact printer is a true wonder. Made from approx. 1936 to 1942, it could do everything but make your morning coffee. And it could probably do that if you installed a larger bulb ;-)
Polaroid 545 PRO holder manual and technical flyer in PDF format. 19 pages, the complete manual I finally received from Polaroid. Impossible to find anywhere else (2.9megs)...
Polaroid 8105 film holder manual in PDF format. 800K For those who may have the old style holder, no manual, and actually do have film...
Polaroid 8x10 Processor instruction manual in PDF formet. 1 meg.
Adapt-A-Roll roll film adapter. Uses 620 spools! But works good. Here's the small instruction sheet in PDF format (894K) provided by Marty Magid.
And to fill things out, the Calumet/Cambo C2N 4x5/120 roll film holder, pdf 55K
The Graphic View Patents. There are three patent numbers on the front of the GVII. All three relate to the GVI and are available here:

Pat.# 2257081 GVI 1941 (PDF 1.1megs)

Pat# 2301921 GVI 1942 (PDF 836K)

Pat# 2500058 GV Spring Back 1950 (PDF 588K)

If anyone finds a true patent number for the GVII, please let me know! (or the Graflok back for that matter).

Fotar 8x10 10x10 vertical and horizontal enlarger installation instructions in PDF format (178K). 5 pages of concise instructions and diagrams, especially for the cables...
For those interested in the cable release thread and socket, here's the exact specs:

CableReaeaseThreads , a jpg pic of 420 kb.

Some other interesting downloads ;-)

Super Graphic Cam Designer cam sheet

The Super Graphic Cam Designer program.

This simple windows program will draw/print/save a cam for any focal length you enter. The nine cam page shown at left can also be set for any focal lengths. There's no documentation or help file yet so if you have any questions, just ask.

After you print out the cam, cut it out, glue it to a suitable material then cut/file down to the printed lines. Your cam is done. Necessary measurements are given on the printed page. You do need a dial or digital caliper for this! I've used 20 gauge brass sheet to make cams. My brass measures .033 inches in thickness. It's spec'd at .032... Original cams are chrome plated brass measuring .030 so you know there's a little play room.

Click the name/link above to download the program. Extract the program into it's own folder and run it. You should be able to figure it out...

Note: You need the VB6 runtime for this to work. It should be in most windows installations or as long as any other VB6 program was previously installed. Since this program has no installation program, the runtime is not included. (see next below!)

Update for 04/01/16: I created a rudimentary install program for the SGCD program. You can download it by clicking here. This should fix the problem of getting the message; “Component ‘Comdlg32.0cx’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.”

Updated on 03/26/15: Added the cam height info to the 9 cam printed sheet, the reason for the markers...

Updated on 03/31/15 to ver 1.1. Added a "High Res" option for the 9 cam sheet. Now 6 times the resolution. But; you can't see all the cams... But; the sheet is now scrollable and sizable on screen. Also did some wok on the plateau at the .705 to infinity point.

Update 04/02/15 to version 1.2. Cams now much more accurate. Printout for the 9 cam sheet should be better. Added a "3ft" marker. This in not official, but is the last calculated value. Added the circles to match the holes in original cams. Cam high point is now .700 inches.

Update 04/06/15 to version 1.3. Just a minor update to add scroll bars to the 9 cam sheet in high res for easier scrolling.

The South Bristol Views Bellows Extension Calculator The South Bristol Views Bellows Extension Calculator

A PDF file that you print out and cut into two pieces. Place the "target" on your subject, then measure it's size with the "ruler" on your ground glass.

See the Close-Up page for a full description.

Jiffy Calculator - click to download.

The Jiffy Calculator for exposure times

Here's an old time treat. Back when I was young, a great photography magazine published this "Exposure calculator" by S.P. Martin. It uses a 'slide' inside the folded paper sleeve to determine the proper exposure for a long list of described situations. I got a lot of use out of this years ago. I recently found the old one and thought I would share it with those who might remember it, or never have seen it... I did do a web search and could find no other reference to this 'device'. I created an Adobe 'PDF' format file that will print the calculator out. All you have to do is cut along the lines, fold the two sides and place the 'slide' inside. Click in the pic at left or here for the Jiffy Calculator.

All the above manual (except the handicase) are provided in Adobe PDF format and need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/print.

Some of these manuals are also not sized correctly, most being about 32x30 inches. However, they view just fine and the Adobe Reader has a feature to "Size to page" when printing. This will print the documents correctly... I may do a new set with the correct page size, but maybe not for the reason shown below... And... To reduce the overall size (originals are over 30 megs), I converted everything to B&W (2 bit). Pictures became dithered instead of color, which reduces their quality. Viewing or printing these pages should be more than adequate. Thanks go to Harry for all his original hard work in producing these images!

Another special thanks to Charles Monday for supplying scans and manuals!

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